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Acts 17-6, Are these that turned the world upside down come here

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  1. Matthew 13 verse 15 For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

    This is the verse that was a block for me.

    Lest at any time, this phrase is one that always made me think He did not want to convert the multitude, so He could bring them through the fire for He knew they would again stray just as Moses prophesied in the Song of Moses.
    Keeping their heart waxed gross and ears dull and eyes closed was to bring in a multitude at the time of harvest. To keep the tares with the wheat growing together. To keep things this way till the fulness of the Gentiles be accomplished. And till the deeds of the apostate reach the level of end times, the martyrdom of the end time multitudes that wake up and stand up for the Truth.

    However, free will is the full weight of Scripture, we indeed have free will, for the Holy Spirit works in all and it can be responded to or it can be grieved and at one point it departs. A multitude can respond, many have and many will, but then they are not multitude anymore but remnant, which is interesting. Of course we are all one, one flock, one Bride. He wants a lot of children in the Kingdom and some He gathers now and some later, but He is gathering us all. And He will not lose one, not one.

    Lest is a puzzling word for me even using the Concordance and I say not there are translation errors as some do, He preserved His Word exactly as is and for a reason. I am happy He did that and so depending how much Holy Spirit we want to receive we are always separated, tares from wheat, sheep from goats. His Word is alive. The Bible is not just an ordinary book but a spiritual book, the Words are life giving or they are judgment.

    Free will is definitely from the Holy Spirit, I know it, I live it. When I ignore reading my Bible my spirit is troubled and when I take it up again my spirit is joyful and at peace. He wants me to read, that is crystal clear to me. And He leads me here to learn and grow and He is pleased about that also. I feel guidance, like the verse that says that His children are moved/led by the Spirit. However I am not forced to be led, I can reject and walk away. Find solace in the world, as if that were possible!

    God Bless.


  2. I wrote
    Praise God we see and we know one and one and one ain’t three.
    That wasn’t a typo really. The song lyric is: he says one and one and one is three

    Funny, that I just saw it as wrong!

    Guess he knows that much. So he knows the trinity, of course he would!

    I was thinking of the book by George Orwell 1984 where they have a slogan
    and it’s bad math. I saw the line and it brought that book to mind.

    A lot of things today certainly do seem like that book.

  3. Great show Bill.

    Again I had thought the Potter made the vessel marred!

    Now I see why it was/is marred! How Acts and Isaiah’s prophecy and Jeremiah and the Potter and parable of the unjust steward, as well as the parable of the new wine / old bottles go hand in hand. Amazing!

    I do also see the vessel made anew with the same clay as the waking of the multitude, the lion of Daniel, whose wings were plucked off and made to stand like a man and was given the heart of a man. This is when once again the Pharisees of today will stand to lose it all and the true born again believers have the keys to the kingdom and they do not. But the multitude must wake up first.

    And these stewards waste the goods now alright, everyday, everywhere. I heard of a Church where the Preacher took the Bible and flung it across the room saying to the congregation, We won’t be needing this anymore.

    Church in downtown Toronto who are fans of the Cowboy Junkies actually played to the Congregation a song called Misguided Angel and the lyrics speak for themselves.

    I have known myself of a distraught man in Longueuil, QC who stopped going to Church in that neighbourhood because he saw demonic activity
    of the same sort that was occuring in the apartment I was visiting. God has made me see things so I would be aware. He came to this place the morning after the manifestion. God is living, He is working and He is judging.

    The world truly is come together …over me (satan) – Rolling Stones – and “he one holy roller”. He’s got to be good looking (angel of light) cause he’s so hard to see.

    But we see. The world as in the time of Noah are oblivious and unbelieving.

    Praise God we see and we know one and one and one ain’t three.

    Thank you Bill for being such a great teacher, in a time when as before the flood man’s heart is continually on evil.

    You spoke recently of seeing more and more people with tattoos, it is the same here. Even older women with tattoos and they are not from when they were young, these things are bright and fresh, very recent.

    I look forward to the upcoming study: Jesus could have called down 12 legions of angels.

    Thank you again for the clear cool waters. Isaiah 32 verse 20.


  4. Jesus raised Lazereth from the dead and many Believed; Some Did Not.

    Immediately following the resurrection of Lazarus…. John 11:45 Then many of the Jews which came to Mary, and had seen the things which Jesus did, believed on him. John 12-11 Because that (((by reason))) of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus.

    The term (((by reason))) is very descriptive. How then did these people being in-fact dead in their sins, yet still be able to reason and believe. Dead in sins does not mean totally depraved. Being dead in our sins dose not mean we cannot believe. If it were true, then Jesus gave commanded us to do that which we do not have the ability to act upon…He said; repent and believe the gospel. Mark 1-15….Not to just a certain so-called elect, but to everyone, all have been given the faith to repent and believe the gospel. Even to those who are still dead in sins…

    But those who did not desire to believe did not believe….John 12:37 But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him:

    May His peace be with you

  5. “how do we accept if we’re dead in our sins”.

    Dear sister Esther, I verbally addressed your question in a break out study today, that should be up soon…called (Jesus could have called down 12 legions of angels)……


  6. Welcome sister Esther. It is a truth that we are all most certainly dead in our sin..Sin, is to transgress the law…Romans ch 7, 7,8,9 Paul speaks about the law and sin…Their is no transgressing of the law (sin), until there is knowledge of the law…This is why children and babies are innocent…”Man is evil from his youth” Gen ch 8… (youth is the age of accountability)…..When we reach the age of accountability (as Gen ch 4 says; “in the process of time”) all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God, and are in need of a Saviour.

    Adam was not born a child, he was created a full mature man at an age of accountability, thus God gave him a commandment, and Adam transgress Gods’ commandment….When we have knowledge of the law we become sinners, John 16-8 the Holy Ghost will reprove the whole world of sin…I cover much of this conscience awareness in the show titled (the true Light, that lighteth (every man) that cometh into the world)

    The only people who are saved in the bible are the “believers”. To believe requires a choice for God is no respecter of persons, God forbid…The election is based upon one first being a believer, and then he is sanctified. 1 Peter 1-2 ….The Lamb that was slain from the foundations of the world (was in the foreknowledge God). YET, Jesus still had free will to go to the cross, He could have called down 12 legions of angels instead, as he so said to Peter in the garden.. and we all know that Jesus did not lie..Hee had a free choice to go to the cross.

    The Holy Ghost will teach you all things Esther, and you are most welcome to ask any questions that you discern that you may need to….

    peace be with you


  7. I am really struggling with this understanding of free will vs. election. Talk about turning the world upside down. I’ll be relistening to those posts.I struggle with the verses that say we are dead in sin. My question is this – how do we accept if we’re dead in our sins. My prayer is to truly come to a greater understanding of God’s Word. Thanks for your labors.

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