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Matthew Chapter 10 Part 2

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  1. Greetings again Bill,

    Thank you for your thoughts, it is much appreciated. You have a gift for teaching and I have been received much insight and truth from both you and Bob. Coming out of first the institutionalised church and then from a fringe group of Messianics, I had much deception and wrong teaching, first to recognise and then to lay down. However, over a period of four years in Hebrew Roots teaching, I became very familiar with the teachings of Moses and all the typology pointing to Jesus.

    Therefore I knew that His exact fulfilment of the Feasts of Passover and First Fruits had to be embedded in the accounts of the gospels.

    I read a very insightful article written by a Hebrew Roots teacher. It contains a good explanation of why the Pharisees and Sadducees had a different Passover day to Jesus.

    The paper demonstrates how astronomical, historical and biblical evidence directly points to Jesus Passover meal as described in Mark 14:12-26 as being:

    1) a most significant lawful Passover and not a “last supper”,

    2) that 30 CE is the only year where the astronomical events are closely associated to permit precisely 1 day difference between Jesus Passover and the Temple’s calendar for the Passover,

    3) that 30 CE is the only year where the timing of the proper astronomical events of the year permit the fulfilment of Jesus sign of three days and three nights, and

    4) the timing of the astronomical events occurring in that year, together with the biblical account of Jesus behaviour reveal that the first sliver new moon was not observed by the Temple calendar in the year of His suffering.

    I can give you the link if you are interested. It gives an in depth explanation of how Jesus died on the cross exactly three nights and three days – raising on the third day before dusk – for the women to find the tomb to be empty early on the morning of the 4th day which, according to Moses calendar was the day of First fruits.

    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.


  2. Good Afternoon Bill,

    Thank you for this teaching.

    You say Christ was in the grave for about 33 hours… How do you harmonise that with this:

    Mat 12:40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

    peace S

    • Greetings S

      You ask a good question. I have often been perplexed by that as well. I perceive quite possibly that Jesus being in the heart of the earth began when he became troubled in the spirit, that He would be betrayed by one of His closest friends, Judas, then continuing on through the passover meal and His arrest in the garden. JMO

      The bible says 17 times in the NT that Jesus would rise on the 3rd day. If Jesus was in the grave for 3 days, He then would have risen on the 4th day, which is contrary to those 17 declarations.

      The day begins at sundown (about 6:PM) on the Hebrew calendar.
      Jesus was arrested on the 15th day of the 1st month in the garden shortly after the passover meal which is always late on the evening of the 14th day (the Jews called the 14th day the preparation day),Lev. 23-5. The 15th day was a High Sabbath (when a feast day falls on a sabbath day it is called a High Sabbath). Jesus died at 3:PM on the 15th day (at the 9th hour). It was the 9th hour of the 2nd watch, of which began at (6:AM). The Hebrew calendar day consisted of two 12 hour watches, (6:PM to 6:AM, & 6:AM to 6:PM)….With just 3 hours left in that day He had to be prepared and buried before sundown (6:PM) according to Jewish law because the bodies have to be buried before the sabbath starts. But since there calendar was off by one day in reality the sabbath was jut ending.

      Thus, Joseph of Amarathea begged Pilot for His body, and Nichodemous came carrying the 100 lbs. of myrrh to help prepare the body, John 19-39.. A beautiful picture of the 144,000 and the multitude (7+7 the number of deliverance, 14) as it shows Nichodemous, the same who came by night in John 3 & 7 finally became a believer. Therefore, Jesus was laid to rest in the tomb at sundown AT THE END OF THE 15TH DAY, then is the beginning the 16th day (6:PM).

      He was in the tomb for the full 24 hours of the 16th day. On the 17th day Mary Magdalene came to the sepulchre before it was day-light, John 20-1, (and the scriptures say that Jesus had already risen). If Jesus rose at midnight it would have been 30 hours. I am of the mind that He rose somewhere between midnight and 6:AM (30-36 hrs). 3:AM would have been 33 hours. The bible does not give the exact hour so we can only guess. Jesus said He would rise on the 3rd day. What is the 3rd day? answer, it is the 3rd day of the feast of unleavened bread. 15th, 16th, 17th. The 17th was the third day.. There were 7 days in the passover week, Lev. 23-6, and Jesus rose on the 3rd day of that week, which was the 2nd day of the new week, or when the sheaf of the first fruits were brought before God, Lev.23:9-11.

      It appears that the Jews had the wrong passover day. The bible says “Jew’s passover” 2 times, whereas it says “the passover” 70 times. One strong indicator is the priests did not want to enter the judgement hall of Pilot shortly before midnight because they had already cleansed and prepared themselves for the up coming passover and did not want to defile themselves. Therefore, if so, they would have to cleanse themselves again, John 18-28. Yet Jesus had already partaken of the passover meal 6 hours prior. I am of the mind that Jesus would have known the true passover day. I believe the Jews lost the true day somewhere during the Babylonian captivity and never recovered it. JMO

      But it is clear in the bible that the Jews were preparing for the passover “AFTER” Jesus had already partaken of the passover, of which the Jews thought was the 14th,(preparation day), but in reality it was the 15th. Thus, they said; “no let us not kill Him on the feast day, lest there be an uproar among the people” Matthew 26-5. The Irony is, they did in fact kill Him on the feast day unknowingly. (truth is stranger than fiction).

      So, I perceive the heart of the earth to be not necessarily the time Jesus was in the tomb, but probably from the time His troubled spirit began, John 13-21. However, even considering that, it still doesn’t add up to 72 hours, but rather about 60 hours, or for the most part, 3 days.. JMO….. Notwithstanding, it does say on 17 occasions in the NT that He would rise “on” the 3rd day. Not after 3 days, which would be the 4th day….

      Hope this helps, Bill

  3. Praise the Lord brother. That was a good show. I listened to the Paul Galatia Pt 6 and after 16 min it stopped. I re downloaded it and tried on different player and it didn’t work.. It was a good show. I love you both so much. thanks


  4. Sorry, but problem with the download. I really enjoy this study and I want to save it. Thanks,


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