Posted by: DIS | December 19, 2012

Revelation 22 Keys to the Kingdom It takes a lot to fall down

Keys to this Kindom Show Notes

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  1. Thank you Bob! One of your Best, I received Love and encouragement from you, I pray the spirit of Xmas releases the multitude quicker this year…. Father God strengthen us and lets get on with 2013. In him donna

  2. Thank you Bob. Appreciate you sharing about the crystal clear waters of life that flow from the throne of God. Just briefly regarding the purity of those waters that flow from the throne of God. How easy it is to let the babylonian waters of self doctrines and opinions into our lives if we are not connected to the Father. Example : 18 years ago we cleared our property to move a house on it, one of the first things we did was put a well in.. I was excited to go to the well and turn the faucet on to see what kind of water that we had. I filled a glass with the water and held it up , it appeared crystal clear. I brought the glass of water to my wife and said “look we have good drinking water. As wives sometimes do regarding being more cautious then men , she said you better get it checked. I replied to her that it is crystal clear and that their is no reason to have the water checked. When we got into our house and started using the water we could see rust stains in our showers, drinking water container in the fridge etc. Now it was time for me to check this water out because what appeared to be pure and clean started to reveal itself as tainted and unclean.I had the water tested and was told that the condition of the water is call clear water rust, it had to much iron in it. Each of us have to stay connected to the Father in order to receive these crystal clear waters of life ( Gods WORD, Christ ) . Each of us need to examine and check our own doctrines and opinions through an open heart that is reliant totaly on the Father through faith for his truth . Thank you again , God bless you .
    Jeremiah 33: 3

  3. Dear Brother Bob, peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ. My spouse and I were blessed to listen together to your study this morning. It helped us to see things we had not seen before in His WORD. And in that place, he truly does wipe away all tears from their eyes. It is the light of His countenance and truth. “yeah, though I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be my light.” This scripture came to life, as did Rev. 22:17. God bless you always dear brother.

    amen, Ash God bless you

  4. Great study Brother.

    We have to pray for those that fall away. Because of them we fear and diligently seek Jesus Christ even more.

    Thanks for your diligence
    God is Great.


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