Posted by: DIS | April 24, 2013

Westminster Confession of Faith, the persecution of the Anabaptists, and how it plays out today as the whole loaf is leavened.

Westminster Confession of Faith


  1. Almost all of this is new to me. I like the docx versions. With much to absorb, it gives me time to review the info at my pace. What you have shown represents the many ways of how not to do it. Thanks.

  2. Back in the old days, and still nothing has changed today, the RCC AND the Protestants blame everything on the inbreed flesh, and not on the evil passions and desires of the soul. Both heads of the beast are fueled by “original sin” lie that feeds the multi-billion $ sin management industry (the love of money is the root of all evil). they can not overcome the gentile pagan holidays another multi-billion $ industry nor the devil and the world -sin them devil has taken them over ,thus leaving them in a lukewarm state, constantly playing the blame game as to why they can sin like the Romans wretch, and still be saved. Paul was pure, holy, and a man of God, not the Romans wretch born with a sin nature. They never read Romans 6,7 8 in context. Paul WAS sold under sin, but repented, and is now sold to righteousness, and purity‚Ķ. This is why any holiness people will always be the religious systems enemy; this is why Jesus was the enemy of the parasitical system, this is why the Anabaptists were the enemy of the Protestants and the RCC.

    grace and truth bill

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