Posted by: DIS | May 11, 2013

Now learn the parable of the fig tree

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  1. “Under the fig tree.” Good insight.

    Ernest L. Martin, wrote that the first example of being under the fig tree, was in the Garden of Eden, where the fruit that Adam & Eve ate, was most likely a fig. He backs this up, by pointing out that, in the nanosecond that Adam & Eve became aware that they were naked, they desperately, and poorly, grasped for any cover. Of course, the covering they reached for was, most likely from that same fig tree.

    This is why Jesus cursed a fig tree without (Spiritual) fruit. He was prophetically illustrating that the curse was soon to be done away with, for what He was to do at Calvary. Christians will share with others a new Spiritual fruit. For those who bitterly reject the free gift, the fig tree remains with its dead fruit.

  2. Yes, Bill, thanks for the additional insights, they are very helpful.

  3. Bill, just offering a yea to this most insightful and powerful teaching.
    Thank you, Randy Clay

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