Posted by: DIS | June 12, 2013



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving 2014! I’d’ve returned to you’re imperative studies sooner, but I was attempting to defend the gospel on other fronts, with only limited success. I still have an IT job at the VA, which helps with my rent at Veteran’s Manor, here in Milwaukee. By a coincidence, I had a short stint as a vacuum* cleaner salesman, (no lie) but had to quit because they sucked. I can testify to the blessings that only the Lord can give, and shall continue my undying love for Him.

    *Vacuum is the only English word I can think of that has two consecutive u’s in it, and as you can tell, my fondness for puzzles, has developed my fondness for wordplay.

    I hope all goes well with you and your walk with the Lord.

  2. Your salesman sounds like a majority of authority figures. We make life more complicated when we stray away from “Thou shalt not covet.”

    • Good pm John,

      How are you? You bring a smile to my face. Good to have you here.
      Milton Green preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He actually was a
      carpet cleaner.

      He gave seminars to the mainstream church’s. He was warning in a mighty way, same warning as
      the Gospel that many shall fall away. I remember the first time I heard him, confirmed a lot of the
      word. His other links are up on the Blogroll.


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