Posted by: DIS | July 13, 2013

The Holy Scriptures Pt. 4

The Holy Scriptures Pt. 4


  1. English is the most likely way to spread the Gospel, because, as an example, all worldwide commercial aircraft must have at least one pilot who speaks English.

    • I didn’t know that John, Thanks….I think about 40% of the people world wide speak English as a first or second language. All messages coming into the UN are translated into English upon arrival also……

  2. Thank you. When Gods WORD becomes reality within the spirit then faith is established. People today who profess christianity are prostituting themselves to because of their emotions,senses and carnal mind because of their lack of faith in Gods WORD. True reality cannot be determined without faith. It truly is the substance of things hoped for , the evidence of things not seen.
    Jer. 33:3

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