Posted by: DIS | March 16, 2016

God is everlasting through time, Part 6 (Relativity or Reality)

God is everlasting through time, Part 6

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  1. Continued notes:

    The problem is that the scientific community, the PHD Gov. Grant Welfare System (which is not interested in science but in doing business with science in the form of grants while conjuring up devils ) has no means to question what they have propagated. (Give us some more money and we will prove it), “ie” the new-age clergy. Grant money = Indulgences.

    Since 1905 the disciples of Einstein/Freud/Darwin preach philosophical confusions of which they have also made a business out of mass media and have created the colossal god known as “higher education”. Dinosaurs alone is a huge money making industry from the pit of hell.. The 1913 created fake currency system allows them to dispense the currency credits to those they desire to, and collect from those whom they demand through various forms of taxation, thus controlling everything financially .

    To have to throw out Einstein’s theories would mean throwing out so much supposed-science, which would mean loss of funding, positions, and power. The big bang, NASA, and cosmological science, GR, Aliens, Fallen Angels, origins/ultimate nature type theories and now CERN-mania has always been a continuous lie to eliminate God from the equation of creation. Why? The world hates God. Why? Because by nature they know He is judging the world in righteousness, Romans 1-18.


  2. The assumptions is that space can be treated as time. Or assumption that a x-axis can be interchanged for time-axis…So in Einstein’s space-time, the time is made into a separate “dimension”. This defies basic common sense, and as a result of that, nothing can move through space-time. No motion within space-time itself, and no Einstein’s space-time, and no such thing as time dimension. They are all abstract mathematical constructs without any natural counterpart in creation. – How can time go backwards? – How can gravity collapse? How can gravity bend light? This is nonsense. Black holes have never been seen, neutrino stars are only speculative, and part of the agenda is to replace the Lepricon Fantasies with ET Aliens.

    How can time be ONE with distance? How can time be a substance? How can mass increase with energy? How can length be shorter with speed? Relativity is a philosophical theory joined with a rubber band of Math-Magical gymnastics. “4-space time continuum” is just a meaningless word.I used to fall for it myself. Simple logical reasoning (God given common sense), reveals that time cannot be mixed with space, and the whole concept is meaningless. The very foundational premise is wood-hay-stubble, therefore whatever other theories built upon it cannot stand. . So-called “modern science” is desperate to preserve Evolution, Relativity, the Big Bang theory.

    People don’t go to Universities to learn to think, but rather to become indoctrinated by all sorts of superstitions. Many leave these halls of wisdom having graduated to full blown atheism. Then they dresses up in free-masons robes and worship the god of humanism in the Babylonian Graduation Ceremonies and Pomp. Truly enough to break your heart…


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