Posted by: DIS | April 14, 2016

All war is evil and manipulation of the masses by the elite, strange though how it is that we only hear one side of the story


  1. Almost all reporting during war is a form of propaganda because the glories of war has to be continuously sold to the populace promoting blind nationalism and blind self validation. After the war the victors write their one sided view. And thus it is inevitably skewed to demonize the losers. Satan is brilliant. Rome’s 6th beast kingdom power never went away. Oh yes the Romans culture and populace did, but not the power structure, she manifested herself into the Holy Roman Empire that anoints all other lesser kings of the earth world wide. They all come and bow down to the Pope annually…Germany’s Knights Cross is the exact same as the Roman Cross of the Knights of St. John of the Hospitilars of Jerusalem. If the WW2 insignias are examined closely, they were all encapsulated by the Roman wreath of world domination. Likewise is Israel today. The Menorah is seated in the power of the Roman wreath
    and can be plainly viewed when Netenyaho makes a public address.

    It amazes me just how deeply they are able to propagandize their own people, through the fabrication of external enemies and creation of internal forces of evil as well. Stalin and Churchill were masters at this.The diabolical minds of these people can only be compared to Satan himself. Brainwashing to the level of frenzy whereas people following after will go half way around the world seeking to kill others they don’t even know, or have any real idea of who they really are, while glorying in their own demise and the demise of the grandchildren somehow perceiving they were indeed victorious. It truly boggles the mind……………….bill.

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