Posted by: DIS | July 26, 2016

Dinosaurs; another 19th century Jesuit invention needed to support the religion of evolution.


  1. Thank-you for this information and I will look into who he is. He skipped over so much especially about the dinosaur ‘Sue’ that was a complete dinosaur that took many years to complete then because it was on tribal land he spent many years in prison for not getting complete permission for the dig.
    Truth will always find its way and I know that one way or another we will know what that is. I wished he’d talked more to those who have worked on these digs. Just because they were discovered late doesn’t mean that they weren’t dug up back then. We have great tools and machines today. We now know that there are cities under the oceans because of tools to find them.

  2. Please tell me who this person is that is giving this information.

    • Greetings Vickie;
      I don’t really know much about him other than his name is Eric Doubay, and he obviously has errors on other topics, and i do not recommend following him…However, i posted this specific onetime video because it is extremely accurate and difficult to find truth on the net concerning this matter because the church and the world are under this superstitious Jesuit spell … About 95% of the people are greatly deceived concerning this myth….Especially Christian Creation teachers…It is completely unbiblical and there is more than enough evidence that it is a flim-flam for money operation….The first clue is that the world believes it, defends it, and glories in it. That by itself should raise suspicion to anyone seeking discernment….It has been so indoctrinated in our minds since children that most cannot possibly admit they have been fooled by this fable….Why does the education arena shove this stuff down the minds of children? That should also arouse suspension and red flags, they are in lock step with the magic of Hollywood and the corruption of the museum industry. Most of so called archeology, Egyptology, NASA, and many others are closed fields of science and governed very closely by the top tear of magicians and money makers that feed off the ignorant….In short, they pay for their own deception and hail their oppressors and their gods of so-called science….I don’t recommend George Orwell much but he was right about many things..It is by no means a salvation issue.

      These are my beliefs on the subject, I am not against any who choose to believe otherwise, and hope I didn’t come across as such. if so I sincerely apologize. Always welcome your comments… be blessed always, Bill

      • Masons, Barnum & Bailey, i think said “a fool was born every minute”, or something to that effect. They stitched a fish and many other things together and called it a mermaid, made large sums of money exhibiting various different concoctions, and people believed it… Anyway, those two guys were small time hucksters compared to these paleontologist charlatans and their museum cohorts…bill

  3. Bill,
    I took part of an dig years ago at Glen Rose, Texas that is on going on the Paluxy river and they removed layer after layer of rock with jax hammers to locate the tracks made. I’m sure there is a lot of fake out there but it would be very hard to prove it was all fake. What many at Glen Rose wanted to prove was that man existed with the dinosaurs and I believe they have done that.

    • We were all raised having a fascination with this superstition from a very early age being mystified by its spell and sway… The power of suggestion is quite remarkable. We want it to be therefore it is…Bill

  4. The term “dinosaur” was invented in 1852. …Not one farmer, miner, hunter, builder, surveyor, or explorer had ever discover such a thing. Also never spoken of in scripture. Note: Behemoth and Leviathan are metaphoric terms in the text for the two beasts (the false prophet & pride of humanism)…No supposed dinosaurs were ever discovered until 1864. It’s purely a hoax for dollars and the tom-foolery of freemasonry…….Bill

    • There has been an intense movement recently apposing the evolution theory, and exposing the fake NASA projects. However, sadly they too are very deceived by promoting the flat earth myth…bill

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