Posted by: DIS | September 21, 2016

More rebuttals to the Septuagint myth..


  1. As much as I honor and appreciate David’s biblical scholarship in discerning the validity of manuscripts, which is most excellent. However, it saddens me that he cannot see that premillennialism and the Jewish Temple is also a Roman Catholic seed of confusion and doubt..…I sincerely hope he can be delivered from these Jesuit fables……..Bill

    Side note: I am not King James only, but I do believe it to be a most excellent translation of the proper Greek and Hebrew texts, and its punctuation (of which was not yet grammatically developed in Tyndale’s day) lifts the Deity of Christ to the highest level of any book ever published, (praise God in whom all blessings flow). But when all said and done, I am of the mind that Tyndale’s translation was the least politically correct of all bibles translated from the Majority Text of which were accomplished in the 100 year period following Tyndale’s’ first edition in 1526..So in conclusion I am Majority Text of Antioch (TR) only, and eschew the critical texts of minority wrought in Alexandrian Egypt, and forwarded by the Catholic Church of Babylon, and then in the seeds of discourse through the Westcot & Hort Committee,,

    Actually the KJB translators themselves where not KJB only, whereas in their own preface the translators admit they translated into the “vulgar” or “common” tongue of the day. They advised to confirm things through previous translations of that era, and of course that would have been kept in the spirit of men like Tyndale himself whose mission was to dispense the holy scriptures to the “commoner” of the English language. …Be blessed always, Bill

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