Posted by: DIS | October 2, 2016

Brother mike passed today. Please pray for his family


  1. My husband and I were disheartened last night as we attended orientation to begin juvenile hall jail ministry only to learn we must be in full acceptance of eternal security doctrine to participate as volunteers. We do not believe in OSAS nor in sin nature TULIP etc.
    We found by the grace of God Mike’s teaching and have been extremely blessed.we were sad for us and others who can no longer benefit from his earthly presence. How thankful to have all his written and YouTube teachings! He has passed into eternity in the Presence of Jesus…. and how very joyful for him to be absent from his body and present with our Lord! We rejoice in knowing him briefly by YouTube and in his great reward. What a beautiful labor of love he lived. It’s not pretty exposing darkness, my husband and I are finding. Yet Jesus is worthy that we speak the truth in love and expose darkness for His sake. We now hope to dig deep in more of his teachings and be spurred on by Christ in him, his hope of glory. Jesus our true hope!
    May we proclaim and be ministers of the New Covenant that His death burial and resurrection ratified and fulfilled so perfectly in His indescribably magnificent love.
    We live in Southern California Santa Ana and would love to hear from like minded brothers and sisters.
    To Mr Desario’s remaining family we send our love and belated condolences, reminding you that your loved ones life continues to bless others!!
    God bless you all!
    Guy and Dani Morrison

  2. August 11th 2018
    I am so grateful for Mike’s teachings. I’ve been in search for the truth half of my life and thought I’d found it at the church of Christ but their message was not lining up with their actions. I knew there had to be something more in line with God’s word and I was blessed enough to find Mr Desario on YouTube I just texted a couple of his videos to my family to share the truth of the Gospel with them and to let them know that I’m coming out of the Church of Christ and walking in the light with the truth apricots word. I am so very grateful I pray that these lessons stay on YouTube and if for some reason they don’t, I would like to know because I need every one of Mikes teachings. I will lift up your family in prayer and I pray that his legacy goes on forever because there are a lot of lost people out there looking for the truth. please keep me informed. Thank you and God bless
    Sincerely Debbie Scott

  3. Thank you Scott for your moving words.

    There is no way to describe the overwhelming unbearable sense of loss we are feeling. We never met Mike in person, but we knew him intimately as a very beloved brother who came into our living rooms via our personal computers, whose example and teaching not only touched our lives but changed them radically – for ever.

    His dedication, conviction, his words of love and truth reached across the Atlantic ocean and into homes in our small town on the Southern tip of Africa where we have gathered together every week for many months to listen to him and learn. His grasp of scripture and gift of teaching brought us out of the darkness and into the light.

    His body of work remains as a testimony of a life poured out in love and his writings and audios will go on drawing many more lost souls out of deception and into the truth.

    Praise the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Our prayers are with you all.

    In love and sadness we say farewell.


  4. Oh my! His teachings and fight for truth have been a beautiful thing. He touched upon all that one could say and do. Prayers for all.

    • Truly a sad day in our life. Will be praying for his family and all his loved ones..Bill & Bonnie

      Here is a euology of sorts that Scott put on Facebook. It reflects the influence that Mike has had on his life.

      Php 1:21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

      My dear friend Mike DeSario went to be with the Lord just now.

      It was through brother Mike’s ministry ( that I was pulled out of the mess that is Babylon, a system of religious and secular lies which at the root utterly denies that a human being can be set free from the service of all wrongdoing by having our hearts made pure by which we can conduct ourselves in this world as true servants of right doing and thus walk with a clear conscience before God.

      Mike was a very peaceable and humble man with a passion for the souls of men. After coming to the Lord back in the 70’s, being the thoughtful man he was, he diligently dug into the Word seeking to understand why professing Christianity at large, perhaps outwardly rich in charitable deeds and vocally upholding a certain moral uprightness, was nonetheless a convoluted mess of division, complacency and compromise.

      Mike dug into very early Church writings and soon discovered that the message that was preached back then, was far removed to that which was being preached in the present. Step by step Mike began to unpack the theological fallacies that lay at the root of the present confusion. Fallacies like Original Sin wrought through ancient Gnostic influence and cemented into orthodoxy by Augustine of Hippo by which the nature of man and thus repentance would be redefined into a mere confession of sinfulness as opposed to the iniquity purging crisis of the soul that it actually was. Fallacies like substitution by which people perceived that Jesus death effected a provision by which they were counted righteousness by God despite never having a heart made clean through faithfulness and fidelity to God. Fallacies that lie at the root of Catholicism, Protestantism, or whatever ‘ism one would like to pick an entire system of error.

      Mike was a diligent worker, always patient with those under the sway of deception, always hoping that some would come out, that some would carefully reason through what he was saying. It wasn’t a new message, it wasn’t a complicated message, the message was simply that our souls can be purified through obedience to the truth by the Spirit when we truly yield out hearts to God having been broken in a real repentance where we emphatically choose to forsake all known wrongdoing.

      Acts 26:18 To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

      Mike was unknown but well known, sorrowful but always rejoicing, as poor but yet rich, of evil report yet good, as a deceiver but yet true. Truly it is that which is perceived as small and foolish through which God works most effectively and Mike is a testimony to that, a diligent worker who kept his mind on eternal things, his heart upon the Spirit of life in Jesus Christ.

      Mike held firmly, Let us all follow his example which is simply the example set forth by Jesus Christ.

      Joh 13:15 For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done for you.

      Here is brother Mike’s last video…

      Thank you for reading……Scott

  5. I’m always at a loss for words. Thank you Bill. Love and grace to you and Bonnie. m


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