Posted by: DIS | July 23, 2018

DIS Archive Escape Part 1 & 2

Escape Part 1

Escape Part 2



  1. Greetings Alberto,

    Will work on your list, cant promise how soon. Lost a lot of data in computer break down.

    Both brother bill and I are studying with you and the material is the Word of God, so our studies, are yours.

    Mat_23:9  And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.



    • Thank you brother. A sound admonition which I am beginning to come to terms with as my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ grows. As I learn to not lean on my own understanding. Just want to get across how much you both are appreciated, and I thank the Lord for you always. You’ve been instrumental in my transition of coming out of the many lies of organized religion at the hands of wolves in sheep’s clothing. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and brother Bill with peace and joy in abundance!

      • Thank you too brother Alberto, Its the word of God that removes the veil, praise God from whom all blessings flow….we love you Alberto..I will look for some of the studies you listed..Ive been away for a while, and haven’t gazed over our WS for a few weeks…….be blessed always, Bill

      • Yes indeed brother Bill. The Lord our God is so awesome in power, and oh so merciful.

        Like Saul before being thrown from his high horse… knowledge of one’s strong delusion is impossible with pride reigning and ruling in the heart. Even those pricked by their conscience are unaware of the true depths of their deception. It’s by grace we’re afforded a glimpse of the true light of life and realize how blind we actually are. There can remain no wicked guile in our hearts for the Lord’s servant to come and remove those scales from our eyes…

        The Lord Jesus Christ searches the heart and discerns whether we love the Truth, or if we love the lie. I praise His name for the trials of my faith.

        Take your time brother! Just want to have a running compilation of what the Lord has placed in your hands. I’m sure it will help when digging deep into what He has given me to search out. Grace, and peace. ~Al

  2. Also no download link for:

    June 18, 2014

    The Prodigal Son, and escaping the iniquity of the world

  3. Blessings beloved brethren! Trying to make a compilation of all audio(and documents) from Bob and/or Bill’s wonderful breakout studies, but alas! Missing Links! 🙂

    Also, please see my list below of links which no longer serve what’s advertised! Would also suggest adding a simple search function. Without it, I can only provide failed download names… some are obviously documents Thanks for all you do!

    Grace and peace. ~Alberto

    The foreknowledge of God.docx

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