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Be ready to meet the Lord, sometimes the unexpected happens

I have studied the accounts of the Titanic off and on for several months, maybe a year now in my spare time. My conclusion after examining what testimony, evidence, and facts that are available; is that the tragic event was not the fault of the Captain ignoring ice warnings.  He had received all the messages and turned the ship 20 miles south to what was perceived as a save course to circumvent the ice reported within the approaching Labrador current.

The ship was doing 21 knots, which was acceptable for the perceived open conditions. The main mistake was the message that came in at 9:30 PM, about 2 hours prior to the tragedy. It was from the ship Masaba, warning of heavy pack ice, many large ice bergs, and field ice directly in the path of the Titanic. This message was set aside temporarily by wireless operator Jack Phillips, and then later forgotten while being swamped with messages to Cape Grace, which was now within range, 400 miles away, and capable of radio reception. The wealthy and famous were posting messages to friends and family of their arrival time and plans, then to be forwarded from Cape Grace Canada to New York. 2nd officer Lightoller said If he had received the message from the Masaba he would have slowed down and alerted Capt. Smith, who would have seen it prudent to slow down or stop for the night. Also Murdoch was innocent too. Lightoller didnt find out about the message until later while on a lifeboat.

The second reason for the accident was the moonless night, yet very clear starlit night, making it very difficult to distinguish the sky from the horizon, do to the glimmering of the vast multitude of stars, establishing a mirage effect, thus cloaking the iceberg, and blending it in to the back drop of the horizon making it almost completely invisible until one is very close to it.

The claim about the coal fire weakening the hull, and the supposed black mark on the ships exterior is bogus, and not even in the right location where the fire was, out 300 feet  away. Therefore  the structure of the vessel was in sound condition. Those coal fires were not uncommon and considered not to be a threat…..

No ship could have withstood striking the 1000 million lb iceberg at that angle and that speed. It was a complete fluke accident, and probably could not have been achieved in a 100 attempts to duplicate the accident on purpose. A real fluke and mishap indeed.

Jack Phillips, one of the 2 wireless men stayed at his post to the very end, and was later pick up by one of the life boats, be he died from the freezing cold shortly thereafter….the last video audio account below reveals all of the wireless messages that he sent and received that night. Very interesting account from the other ships in the area.

Here are some very interesting accounts given by crew members and passengers back in the day, Also the account given of the rescue ship, the captain of the Carpathia. The ship Californian could have never got there in time because they were stopped for the night and surrounded by ice, and the engines were shut down, taking at least a half hour to restart. The “not enough life boat” scenario is faulty also, they barley had time to launch that last boat before the ships bow submerged down into the ocean. Some of the boats were half full, as many did not want to get into the boats until it was too late…..Be blessed, Bill








  1. TITANIC notes
    First off, Captain Smith did heed the prior ice warnings from earlier in the day of the 14th , and he wasn’t going all out full speed, but rather 20 or 21 knots, and even changing course by 20 miles south in an attempt to circumvent the icefields, which they thought they had, however the important message from the Massaba that came in about 9:30 was carelessly set aside and forgotten by wireless operator Jack Philips. This message was warning of great ice fields, large bergs, and pack ice directly in the path of the Titanic.

    Note: Visibility is very poor for spotting icebergs on a clear star lit night without any moon light. In 1912 it was normal practice to maintain your speed until you actually saw the iceberg or known entrance of entering an ice field area.

    Note: more life boats would not have made any difference, since they barely had time to launch the last of 18 boats before the ship went down. So, having more live boats was of no consequence
    Yes there were also 2 canvas collapsibles that were hastily shoved off deck in the final minutes.

    It was determined by the testimonies at the British Enquiry that the Californian and Titanic were not looking at each other, as witnesses on both Titanic and Californian said that the vessel they viewed was in motion and sailing, whereas the Californian was idle in the water and shut down for the night, being surrounded by ice fields and bergs. Captain Lord shut the ship down at around 9:30, about the same time the warning came across the wireless from the ship Massaba. However the ‘Kangaroo Court’ Enquiries in the US and Britain didn’t want to elaborate on this basic fact and the ‘Controlled Media’ of the day went along with the ‘Whitewash’ on Titanic. Therefore Captain Lord was the ‘Fall Guy’, and Bruce Ismay made out to be the villain. Many lies were spread about Ismay in the press. Both of these men’s lives were ruined because of this. Sadly, most people form opinions from what they see in false fictional Hollywierd movies…

    Note: Only by “laying on” directly next to the Titanic could many lives have been saved. A horrible decision this would have been even if possible, and time permitted for such a connection to occur between the Titanic and Californian. In reality, we now know by the position of the wreck and understand Fata Morgana mirage (the only thing that really explains seeing the rockets at less than mast height on the Titanic and also the reason the two ships could not Morse one another)–they were quite far apart, thus seeing refraction.

    Note: The chair of the U.S. inquiry was William “Watertight” Smith. Known for being more colorful than knowledgeable. As most already know Senate inquiries are for the most part a complete rouge and agenda-fied. (ala Arlen Spector’s magic bullet theory)

    In defense of captain Stanley Lord of the Californian
    Titanic’s first rocket was fired at approximately 12.40am. Captain Lord wasn’t notified of a rocket being fired for another 30 minutes. Even if he reacted instantly, that would give the Californian about an hour to wake the wireless operator, confirm the situation, start up the engines, plot a course, and carefully steam through the heavy icefields towards Titanic (a distance of 20 miles,). And that’s ignoring that Titanic was giving out a distress position that was off by about 12 miles. Once on the scene, connecting the ship to a much larger vessel that is sinking would be fatal. The only option would be to ferry passengers back and forth between the two ships and pick people out of the freezing waters (where the life expectancy is about 30 minutes). All this with a crew of just 48 (including non-seamen like stokers, firemen and a Marconi man) with just six lifeboats.

    Remember it took the Carpathia five hours in daylight to gather up 20 lifeboats containing some 700 people without having to rescue people in the water. The reality is the Californian could not have done any more than Carpathia and would have just picked up the survivors in the lifeboats. The idea that they could have saved many if not all lives is a figment of Lord Mersey’s imagination during the British inquiry…

    Captain Lord received the first report of rockets at 1:10 am. At 1:15, the water already was up to Titanic’s nameplate. We know now that his position (broadcast before the tragedy) was about 20 miles from Titanic. His ship made 11-12 knots and was in an ice field. I don’t think he could have made it to see the Titanic sink. Lord was clearly a victim of politician blame fixers like U.S. Senator William Smith. Was Lord guiltily of bad public relations? Perhaps so, but, contrary to Hollywood, he was only 34, and just didn’t understand what was happening at the time and he came immediately when informed of the tragedy by the Carpathian’s message. Here’s something to think about: Titanic couldn’t even launch all of her own lifeboats, and even a ship just a few feet away couldn’t prevent a massive loss of life. The Californian only had about 6 lifeboats with a very limited holding capacity. Even if they arrived before the Carpathia all they could do was gather a few life boats and then have them transferred over to the Carpathia. Remember it took the Carpathia 5 hours to gather in the life boats in daylight conditions. It also took the Californian 4 hours to arrive after receiving Carpathia’s messages.

    Note: The Carpathia was only carrying about 740 passengers at the time and had a capacity for 2200.

    Consider these FACTS—-both the Titanic and the Californian had powerful Morse Code lamps, which were said to be visible at a distance of 10 miles. BOTH ships used these lamps, pointed at the ship’s light they saw on the horizon. This is information given from the officer’s testimony at both Inquiries. And yet neither ship saw the others Morse Lamp flashing. How could this be? Because they were too far apart to see such a lamp, which means that the “ship’s light” they saw was neither the Titanic, nor was it the Californian. But instead possibly it was the “tramp steamer” I think Lord said it was too small to have been the Titanic… and the Captain of the SS Mount Temple reported that he saw this tramp steamer later that morning at a position about 5 miles from where Titanic sank. Another answer as to how they could be perplexed was because of the mirage caused by the temperature differential between the water and atmosphere. The same type of effect when seeing a car in front of a large truck on the hiway in the heat of the desert mirage, but when getting closer and in immediate view it reveals itself for the true picture it is, rather than the warped perspective seen a few minutes earlier a couple miles away. In other words, the Californian did not see the Titanic as the Titanic, but as a small freighter.

    The black-mirage also kept the Titanic lookouts from seeing the iceberg in time. These mirages are known to create these kinds of effects when the cold Labador current merges with the warmer Atlantic Ocean on a clear starlit nights without any moon light. This is a well-known fact. It cloaked the iceberg in darkness, being set in a mysterious and confusing horizon, until it suddenly appeared out of nowhere having only less than a minute to circumvent.

    Note: Shipping laws say “assistance at sea” state that if a ship knows another ship is in distress, it must render assistance unless that assistance will put their own ship and its crew in danger. (such was the case with the Californian)

    In the hearings the official defense of the Californian was regarding Titanic’s distress rockets, and not responding to them because they did not see red rockets, only white messaging rockets, assuming Titanic was simply communicating to another White Star ship. Especially since this was celebrating the ships maiden voyage.

    Since the earth is not flat, the horizon for the Californian was about a 5 mile maximum visibility, so the only rockets that were seen were high-altitude detonation white rockets, not the lower altitude detonation red, green and blue rockets. So they didn’t pay much attention to it since there was nothing wrong it seemed. Because white rockets could mean random things, mostly celebration or company signals to other company vessels via specific launch patterns (which made sense since the Californian crew couldn’t make out the launch patterns, so they assumed it was for another vessel).

    Note: Two Interesting facts; 1) Captain Lord made a gallant ship reck rescue of a 1000 men in the boar war some years prior. And 2) the Californian was sunk by a torpedo 1915

    The Californian did nothing wrong that night, if anything they contributed the most accurate info on where Titanic was actually located according to the white rockets, while Titanic reported her position 12 miles southwest of where Californian was seeing rockets (which is where Bob Ballard looked for her in 1985 and failed) when Titanic was actually southeast, just as the Californian reported. And when the rockets stopped being seen, they assumed Titanic had simply sailed on (according to the inquiry testimony transcripts)….
    Lord didn’t do anything wrong, plus his ships engines were off and the boilers were reduced down to minimal, it would’ve taken an hour to warm them back up and begin moving, then it would have taken a couple more hours to navigate around the ice field, then another 1/2 hour to get to Titanic. Notwithstanding, only a few guest rooms would’ve been available on Californian. This hypothetically places their arrival shortly after the Carpathia, which had already been on the seen gathering up life boats. It took them about 3 1/2 hours to get there in daylight conditions after receiving Carpathia’s message. Bear in mind also that Californian wasn’t a passenger liner, she was a freighter with a small crew of 55 men, so their efforts in that regard would be hampered by available manpower. All in all, the Californian could have made little or no difference. Its captain was made into a scapegoat. According to Carpathia’s Captain Roston there were enormous numbers of ice bergs everywhere up to 150 feet high in the area of the Titanic disaster..

    The grid coordinates on the routes map showed the Californian 21 miles north of Titanic, on the Boston route, while Titanic was south on the NYC route. The ship, the Mount Temple was shown on the NYC route, about 15 miles ahead of Titanic. The Mount Temple was probably fortunate they had not hit any icebergs as well. The Californian had told all local traffic that she was stopping for the night around 10:15 pm due to LARGE ice fields, and had set 11:30 as the shutoff time for their wireless set. They only had one wireless operator who had been on duty for some 16 hours, and while giving an ice warning, he was told to shut up by Philips, the wireless operator of the Titanic, and shortly thereafter he retired to bed for the night. This was about 10 minutes before Titanic stuck the ice berg.

    Note: Jack Philips stayed at his post until the last possible minute giving destress calls, until told to abandon ship by Captain Smith. Philips, then going overboard, made it to the small capsized collapsible boat, where he told officer Lightholar that he forgot to send the most important ice warning given by the Massaba around 9:30, he then died of hypothermia shortly thereafter. And yes it was all discussed at length at the inquiries, after all that’s how we know all this information. Somehow Hollywood evades these important facts…………..Bill

  2. No….Eric Phelps is I believe Jesuit controlled opposition..He speaks both lies and truth on many subjects…I think it would be extremely difficult to sink the ship if they tried many times over. It was a freak accident…..Guggenheim, Astor, etc I don’t perceive were opposed to the Fed Reserve Act.. It would be out of nature for them to have been so, that would be out of character for them……. bill

  3. So Eric Phelps has this one wrong? Still in all, don’t you find the passenger manifest a bit suspicious?

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