Becoming a disciple

The Doctrine of Salvation and becoming a disciple of Jesus
God calls ALL men everywhere to Repentance and faith proven by deeds. He Draws all men, convicts the world of Sin, Righteousness and Judgment and stretches forth His hand daily 24/7 offering them repentance unto life. He’s not willing that any should perish in sin, and takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked. (Acts17:30-31, 26:18-21, John 12:32, 16:8, 11:18, 2Peter 3:9, Romans 2:4, and Ezkekiel18:32)

Man is born innocent with a Moral Conscience having natural desires and inclinations totally free and unhindered in will and ability to seek and obey God. He is not rendered incapable of obedience to God, or limited in ability by: The ever popular doctrines of Original Sin, moral depravity, inbred sin, sin-nature or recently termed Adamic-nature which are all doctrines of devils. However, he becomes a sinner by the misuse of his free will to overindulge his natural passions and desires. (James1:15-16) …Addiction or slavery to sin occurs by progression (a principle of habitual growth, “physis”, Ephesians 2:3, Romans 2:14) a creature of habit in which he violates his conscience through a series of wrong choices and goes reprobate in his mind and his sense of reason is distorted. (Romans 1:18-26, Ecclesiastics 7:29, Deut. 1:39, Isaiah 7:16, Matthew 18:3, 19:14, Psalms 139:14, 127:3, Ezkiel14;14)

Man is a ‘worker together’ with God, faith is never alone. (2Cor.6:1, James2:21-24)… The first act of faith toward God is obedience to the truth. (Romans 6:17).. Faith originates in the heart of man in response to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. (John16:8, Romans 10-17)…..Man must have his ‘past sins remitted (Romans 3:25, pardoned, released) in repentance proven by deeds (Matt.3:8, Luke 3:8) BEFORE he can receive the Holy Spirit. (James1:21)… The ‘works of the law’ cannot remit these past sins because the wages of sin is death. (Romans6:23)…. ONLY in the ‘deeds of faith can he approach God for Reconciliation (return to favor) in the humility of repentance, in which he experiences a season of godly sorrow under a crisis of conviction, that results in a clearing of wrong doing, vehement desire change, fear of God and self-vindication (self-cleansing), (James1:21, 2 Cor. 7-10, 11) thus his heart is emptied of all guile and deceit, ‘cleared (pure) from all known vile sins. His sinful passions and desires are ‘Crucified, put to death, in Christ and his heart is prepared as a vessel FIT for the Master’s use, he emerges from this experience freed from his bondage to sin, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. (2Cor.7:10-11, Romans6:4-6, James4:7-10, Psalms32:1, 2Timothy 2:21, Prov16:1, 2Pet1:3-4)……

There is no hint of human pride or boasting in this process, but because he is called to ‘Rule over sin’ Gen 4-7b, it proves he has the ability within himself to do so. (All happening under the conviction and leading of the Holy Spirit, God doing His part, man cooperating from the premise of free will and ability)

The ‘Washing, Regeneration and Renewing of the Holy Spirit (Titus3:5) occurs AFTER Reconciliation (return to favor) and Redemption (release from bondage) have taken place at the Mercy Seat of Christ, ‘we have redemption through His Blood, the forgiveness (remission) of sins’ (Ephesians 1:7, Colossians 1:14, Hebrews9:14, Romans5:10-11) This is the ‘free gift, not of works, remission of ‘Past Willful sins (Ephesians 2:8-9)… It is granted by God on virtue of Christ’s sacrifice (propitiation, appeasement, Romans 3:25, sin offering, (Isaiah 53:10, Hebrews 9:14) to those who have approached Him in repentance with a clean vessel. (Acts20:21) Our past wrong doing is ‘Justified freely by His Grace and we’re given the exceedingly great and precious opportunity to serve Him acceptably with reverence and godly fear. (2Peter 1:3, Hebrews 12:28)  This is when the times of refreshing are restored Acts 3-19

His Grace teaches us to deny ungodliness and worldly lust, and live soberly and righteously in this present age. (Titus2:11-14) There is no transfer of virtue or sin in the Redemption process, Christ did not have to suffer God’s Wrath in man’s place or pay any kind of penalty for sin. There is no payment for sin, because the wages of sin is death. However the good news is, He purchased our souls and gave Himself as a spotless, blameless offering for sin (1John 3:5,) in order to destroy the works of the devil and ‘release (Redeem) man from the bondage of sin; by offering him a way to be reconciled (returned to favor) through repentance and faith proven by deeds. (2Cor.5:20, Acts26:18-21), repentance alone is sufficient to divert God’s punishment for sin, (Matt.18:23-35) God points the Way through Christ (Narrow gate you strive to enter (Luke13:24) man responds or rejects. (Isaiah 1:19-20)

Man’s ability to recognize the difference between good and evil and perform deeds of selfless merit does not justify him in the sight of God. But it does PROVE he can produce DEEDS worthy of repentance as commanded in scriptures. If man is striped of this ability by the fallacy of ‘sinful nature, moral depravity, etc, it places the blame on God, because repentance is a command, and God being 100% logical cannot command man to do something he is not capable of.
Definition of Terms:

Flesh—SARX: sinew covering the bones. Nothing evil or sinister lurks in our Flesh.
Desires—Natural inclinations neither good nor evil until indulged in sinful behavior
Nature—Physis: The principle or nature or habitual growth, can produce either addiction to evil or good behavior
Reconciliation—Return to favor through repentance and faith.
Redemption—Release from bondage, ransom, deliverance, Salvation
Remission—Pardon and release, through His blood, free forgiveness of past sins
Propitiation—Appeasement, Mercy seat, not replacement or expiatory, or magical transfers of virtue. Virtue is NEVER transferred to anyone in the scriptures..
Righteousness— integrity, virtue, purity of life, rightness, a state of approval by God, He who does what is Right is Righteous! Such virtue cannot be transferred only performed. (1John 3:7-8) Righteousness is simply doing what is right.

Whosoever Will—the God given ability to act out of liberty, applicable to man’s deeds done in patient continuance in doing good, or the freewill to do deeds done in self-seeking disobedience and sin (Romans 2:7-8)…. The mind operates out of necessity, but the will operates out of liberty, lest God be unjust in His judgement of mankind.

Grace—the power of God, the loving kindness of God by which He exerts His holy influence on souls, turns them toward Christ and strengthens them to exercise their faith toward godliness and self-control. (Titus2:11,12)
Faith—Faithfulness is synonymous with obedience, steadfast fidelity and firmness, works by love and purifies the heart of sin by obedience to the truth, upholds and establishes God’s moral law (Galatians 5:6, 1Peter 1:22, Romans3:31, Matt. 22:37-40) Originates in man’s heart, (Romans 6:17)

Sin—is Willful transgression of God’s law 1John 3:4, not all sin is the same; there are sins unto death and sins not unto death 1John5:16, willful deliberate transgression will disqualify one from the kingdom of God, 1Cor. 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21. Notwithstanding, man is flawed, or as Paul stated “subject to vanity”. Therefore sins of ignorance, human error, stumbling’s, mistakes in judgement etc are not sins unto death. Man will never be perfect in knowledge of free from ignorance, but he can be free from known, willful vile sins of the flesh, otherwise he will never inherit eternal life in Christ.

As a Scarlet Sinner is able to come clean of his sins and reason with God in repentance Isaiah 1-18. Thus while in his unregenerate carnal state of sin he has NOT forfeited his ability to forsake evil and turn to God. If he is ‘willing and obedient he can find redemption in Christ. He is only hindered by his OWN unwillingness to draw near to God in a humble self-cleansing obedience and be reconciled in repentance from a heart of sincerity.
Isaiah 1:16-20, James4:7-10

It’s not that salvation comes first or after but rather that change (good fruit) “is” evidence of salvation. We were slaves to sin but God saves us from sin by forgiving us “in” Christ Jesus thus regenerating us “in” Him also. No longer walking/doing the works of evil but walking/doing the works of the Spirit.



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