What is the Sovereignty of God?

Sovereignty of God?

Unravelling the Calvinist “sovereignty of God” straw man.

I must establish first; that God is most certainly Sovereign, however not in the way that Calvinism teaches.

The Reformers, especially Calvin, high jacked the Power, Character, and Authority of God, what is better known as the Majesty of God, and labeled it “sovereignty of God”.
The irony of the “sovereignty of God” is that man’s will is free because God is sovereign. A god that is less than sovereign could not bestow freedom of choice upon his creatures, because he would be afraid to do so. God did divinely decree that man should be free to exercise moral choice, and man from the beginning has fulfilled that decree by making his choice between righteous and unrighteous deeds. God’s sovereign decree was for man to have freewill, but His desire and intent was that man should obey HIM voluntarily out of love from the heart via the influence of HIS Spirit, the “Spirit of truth”. Therefore when man chooses to do that which is evil, he does not countervail the “sovereignty of God”. This in no way suggests that God is the author of sin, inasmuch as the eternal decree decided not which choice that man would make, but rather that he should be free to make it, because, knowing this first; all things work for the good of those that love HIM.

God works out His decree by conviction of the Spirit, John 16-8, Romans 1-18, bringing about countless circumstances which will allow man to seek God or self through a freewill choice which accompanies the desires of his heart. Such as He did with Pharaoh. Yes exactly as He decreed it! God is completely Sovereign in this manner of decreeing man’s freewill choice. God ALWAYS influences with truth, and the devil always uses lies to influence.  God “NEVER” desired for man to be disobedient, but His decree provided for the choice to do so. All men, must absolutely, without exception, choose whether to obey the gospel or turn away in unbelief and reject its authority. Each mans’ choice is his own, but the consequences of that choice have already been determined by the majesty of Almighty God from the foundations of the world, and from this there is no appeal. A more simple answer is that God did predestine the body of Christ, the church, but He did not predetermine individuals to salvation from the foundation of the world. He did not decree robots with the inability to reason with HIM. Amen! Glory to God!

God hates sin. Therefore there is no way to defend a viewpoint that says that God created mankind for the purpose of sinning against HIM in order to show that HE hates sin. This is circular reasoning, and is not of a sound mind that diligently seeks God’s truth while labouring in the scriptures.

The Calvinist view of sovereign determination centers the focus on the believer’s complete dependence on the Lord, and seeks to undermine any sound reasoning we have, and that we can do anything of value apart from God, which maligns Hebrews ch. 11, the faith chapter, while also undermining the true gospel message of man striving with God in unison.

I would have to ask them; How then did Cornelius please God? Because of God’s great goodness, His Divine Council, His power & Authority; why is it then impossible to believe that He has determined to give us a choice of will? For God ever did so reason in HIS council to make man in His own image Genesis:3-26,27.  No matter how much you double talk the term “Sovereignty of God”, the ultimate conclusion by reason is; unless God stands back and gives man the ability to choose then man is condemned without cause because he is created to sin, which makes Gods’ character worse than the devil himself. Nay, may God forbid such heresy!  Therefore, to condemn such helpless beings would COMPLETELY malign the very character of God revealed to us in the Holy Scriptures. God is loving, righteous, just, all-powerful, forever present, and all-knowing.  Jehovah doesn’t need to glorify Himself through sending lost people to hell before they were born.

1) God takes “no pleasure” in the destruction of the wicked, Ezekiel 33-11. 2) Yet all things were created for HIS “pleasure”, Rev. 4-11. The harmonization of these 2 verses teaches us that God did not create man to be destroyed, because this destruction does not bring Him pleasure.

God doesn’t need the cross. Sinners need the cross. God doesn’t need to be reconciled back to man. God is content and self-contained within Himself, perfectly righteous in all things and in need of nothing. I can see the flesh attraction, flatteries, and temptation in the false doctrine of “predetermined election” as applying to individuals before the world was. In such to the degree of believing that the Lord chooses some and passes over others for salvation establishing a twice blessed scenario in the mind of the deceived subject of sin. (Most cults are founded upon flatteries; the doctrine of the predestined special elect is but one more flattery). Almost all cults set up a click that appeals to the pride of man because he perceives he belongs to some special group that is twice blessed.

The false humility within the doctrine of predestined elitism. They will say in false-humility, “God chooses us based upon nothing in us”, but, however, they believe they are chosen to be the elect, while in practice they feel superior to those other people that they think God chose for damnation or somehow overlooked for election, depending on how deep the trans of Calvinism has affected their reasoning ability. Then when Gods’ wholesome reasoning is applied in rebuke through discernment of such matters in scripture, they cry foul, reaching for their straw man, all the while proclaiming Sovereignty of God, Sovereignty of God!!! The “willingly” ignorant will parrot this false description of Gods authority and power, even defending it to the bitter end.

The terms believer, saint, Christian, are referenced as individuals in the plan of salvation. However, predestination, foreordination, and election,  “the elect”, the remnant, refers to the body of Christ as a whole, not individuals to salvation. There is such a thing as a “remnant believer” the believer is the individual belonging to the remnant body of Christ. However, it was salvation in this remnant body of Christ that was predestined, not the individuals themselves.. It was the remnant body that was foreordained “IN” Christ, not individual believers. If not; this would make the cross a mere secondary link in the chain of Salvation, thus diminishing Christ’s finished works on the cross, His blood atonement, and placing HIM not at the centre of the cosmos, but rather off to the side of the playing field and of secondary importance..

The election is the body of Christ, it is so important to know this, because they have maligned all the definition of words to the point of no recognition….No individual is an elect, only the body of Christ is elect. The only passage that says chosen before the foundation of the world refers to those that would believe who would make up the body of Christ. Why? Because Christ was the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world, decided by Magisterial decree in Geneses 3-15
The new-age Calvinists are compatibilists at times, but the truth is: compatibilists and their philosophies are flawed no matter how one tries to twist logic. I think all the different doctrines arise when the philosophies of men are mixed in with the pure word of God, because men have continually come up with new spins on interpreting scripture even from the inception of the church, and especially since Constantine and the RCC.

Such human philosophy came from Gnostic Manichaeism, then Augustine, then Luther & Calvin, and then to such as  Spurgeon, and Pink,>on up to today’s mighty men of renown; such as Washer, McCarther, Piper, Sproul etc. Each placing their own twist of compatibility on this fable, while deriving at a mixed bag of nuts calling it doctrine. However, this is merely flawed reasoning.

In doing so, they truly have turned Psalm 51 into a Psalm of excuse rather than a Psalm of repentance. Once again this is not “logical”. Jesus is the “Word” (Logos). He is God in the flesh of who is “logical”.  He gave us this very same reasoning ability; “come let us reason togetherIsaiah 1-18> He said this  to sinners. He is the light that lighteth “every man” that cometh into the world, John 1-9 Is Jesus so foolish to call everyone to the wedding supper if some are not predestined to attend? Where is the “logos” in that mindset? And that men as sinners have no ability to reason His call? It makes no since, and is void of sound reasoning.

Calvinism has not a clue what “predestined” means. Peter said God has desired all to be saved. God gave us sound reasoning ability. That’s why the apostle Paul warned us so strongly to watch out, be careful, as to what you hear.

God was speaking directly to sinners in Isaiah 1-18 when He said “come let us reason together”. Yes sinners can reason! It was divinely given to all men to do so. Otherwise God cannot justly command all men everywhere to repent and believe the gospel Acts 17-30. Yes, this is simple reasoning ability, all men have it. No “prevenient grace” is necessary. Titus 2-11 proves this to be true. The command to repent was not a mere suggestion by God, but indeed a commandment. Can God command a man to do something he is not capable of? Nay, may God forbid such heresy!
One might ask: Do you feel like a mind-numbing machine carrying out a pre-programmed decree? Or do you reason that you are doing and choosing what you want, thus having a sense of guilt when you choose wrongly? A robot, born in sin, predestined to sin, cannot have a sense of guilt for doing that which is unrighteous.

God holds us accountable for our understanding, and knowledge of transgression, Romans:7-7,8,9. Therefore knowing not to sin, and sinning anyway, makes us guilty because we KNOW better, even though God has determined our free choice ability. Always keep in remembrance; that a robot without freewill can have no guilt. It’s impossible.  The real truth is, deep down people don’t rally believe in these silly Calvinist fables, but by the liberty of freewill they choose to cling to them.
An important fact in the parable of the kings wedding supper. It shows that God calls all people, but only few are chosen. They were not skipped over and un-chosen, but rather they rejected the call (Matthew 22:1-14). Received not the love of the truth that they should be saved 2 Thes. 2-10. We know that God’s love is only for His body of believers in covenant with HIM. Yet we have Jesus Christ interceding with God on man’s behalf. Gods’ whole mission purpose ever since Gen. 3-22 has been to reconcile mankind back to God. Thus we have 2 identities working together 1) God, 2) man.  They can only be united in love; there is no other possible way. I find it remarkable that the mediator Jesus Christ was bothfully God and fully man. This makes Him the perfect mediator interceding for the people. He as a man is full of passion and love for the lost, and HE is also God Almighty and all righteeous! No, I am not suggesting that man saves himself, but he does have to by faith grab on and hold the life saving grace of God to the end. “He that endures to the end the same shall be saved” sayeth the Lord.

The Lord has been back in heaven for centuries, yet he retains a glorious “body” that identifies him as a man, in addition to being Divine. As one scholar expressed the matter, his “glorious body” is “His sacred human body, as he resumed it in the Resurrection, and carried it up in Ascension, and is manifested in it to the Blessed”  He has done everything possible to show us the way home.  It is all about love, and yes, there is no other way. As God said in Isaiah 5 what more could I have done”.  Expressed also in Luke 16- 31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, even though one rose from the dead.

The sovereignty of God Straw man
Without exposing all of the heresies of TULIP, of which I am sure most are familiar with. I am going to briefly address the delusional Calvinist Reformed doctrine known as “sovereignty of God”. “The basic straw-man and flawed principle of Calvinism is the “sovereignty of God.” This doctrine allowed John Calvin to misinterpret scripture in any manner he desired in order to fit his Institutes of Theology, while at the same time tout “sola scriptura” out of the other side of his mouth. This was a brilliant maneuver on the behalf of Satan. Because they actually had the written word of God, but it now becomes of no effect because John Calvin and his early followers prepared the Geneva Bible in such a manner which contained Calvin’s teachings written in the margins, thus teaching was done from the marginal notes in lieu of the scriptural text. That’s some real irony, and is an example of the degree of cleverness with in the mind of Satan.

Whatever delusions that Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Knox etc. dreamed up in their minds became a reality, and justified simply by claiming the “sovereignty of God” trump card, which then allowed for all the heresy to be legitimate in their confused minds. God’s other attributes such as love, justice, mercy and grace became irrelevant so long as their maligned belief “sovereignty of God” ruled the day. John Calvin’s extreme definitions of sovereignty and sin (Total Depravity or Total Inability) laid the foundation for a religion that bears his name, Calvinism, also for the heretical doctrines known as the Westminster Confession of Faith. Most certainly of a truth God is sovereign. However, John Calvin used sovereignty as an excuse to formulate doctrines which violated God’s character and other attributes of His character revealed in the text. Calvin’s doctrines of Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Predestination, irresistible grace, and OSAS maligns God’s attributes of love, justice, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and His honesty. Doctrines which are correctly interpreted from scripture will not violate any of God’s principles> {“I Am the Lord God and I change not”> “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever”}

God is the great I AM, the Most High, but God does not control every event and action of mankind as if people were androids like Calvin taught. This actually wasn’t even his teaching, it was from earlier Manichean Augustinian Gnosticism. Calvin just imported his imagination into these already preconceived ideas. Examples; The Children of Israel in the wilderness “limited the Holy One of Israel.” Jesus could do no miracles in Nazareth because of little to no faith. Scripture says that God cannot lie. However according to the false doctrine of John Calvin, God cannot be limited, and He does indeed have a secret will in which He told the people one thing but really meant something else. Scripture says He can be limited. God could not secure the entry of the Children of Israel into the promised land as He desired because they would not move forward. They died in the wilderness because of unbelief. There is nothing God can or will do about the condition of unbelief, except for more Spiritual influence that it might convict the unrepented heart, even miracles, but God cannot make anyone believe. Yes He can chastise and rebuke, but not force. So God left them in the wilderness for 40 years because of their unbelief, stiff necked, rebellion.

Psalms, 78-37 For their heart was not right with him, neither were they stedfast in his covenant.
38 But he, being full of compassion, forgave their iniquity, and destroyed them not: yea, many a time turned he his anger away, and did not stir up all his wrath.39 For he remembered that they were but flesh; a wind that passeth away, and cometh not again.
40 How oft did they provoke him in the wilderness, and grieve him in the desert! 41 Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.
 {How does a Calvinist explain this away? Once again this verifies that God moves for the good of those who love Him, based upon mans freewill choices. Man always makes his own bed of death and destruction}

Calvinistic Sovereignty says that everything that happens is the will of God.
We know that the bible defines sin as an act of rebellion against the will of God. Therefore, the straw man of Calvinistic Sovereignty denies that man is in rebellion against God’s will, which in actuality, however unknowingly, Calvinistic Sovereignty denies the fall of man.— If one affirms that man is in rebellion against the will of God (sin), then one must also deny Calvinistic Sovereignty which says everything is the will of God. Contradictions are the easiest way to spot false doctrines.

Grace and truth, bill


  1. Thank you for this wordpress! I so much agree with all, speacially the word about repentance and romans 7!!! That is exactly what I understand and nobody seems to see it. Jesus bless you.

    • Thank you for your kind words Ana. Be blessed always, Bill

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