Seeking God


  1. Thank you for publishing this .
    I want to testify within the last three months that God has performed several miracle healings , commitments to Christ / salvation, casting out of demons of which I can give a first hand account of .
    I am nobody special and would like to say that if God will use me to manifest his kingdom on earth in this manner he will definitely use you . Everything that God would have us to do proceeds from our relationship with him , Love, faith / courage and obedience . The first chapter of Joshua is a good example of these characteristics that are required to bring forth Gods kingdom on earth. I want to share this example : A father tells his three children to clean up there room because we have guests coming over at 5;00. After a couple of hours the father goes back to the children’s room and see’s that they have not cleaned it . The father asks the children why have you not cleaned the room up ? The children respond by saying , we heard what you said , and memorized it , you said “children clean up your room, we have guests coming over at 5:00.:we can even repeat it in the Hebrew and Greek language. You see the object of the father is obedience not just learning or being able to repeat what he tells us . I will share this for your encouragement .My wife and myself were in Walmart the other day just before xmas . It was packed but God directed our attention to a man in one of those motorized scooters . He got up from his scooter and needed the support of a counter in order to stand . I came up behind him and asked , “what are you doing out here being an amateur shopper among all of these professionals “. He smiled and I asked him what his disability was. He said that he was injured in his back and was completely disabled. He said that he could not walk more than ten feet without falling and when asked what his pain level was between one through ten he said it was a twelve . I told him God is going to heal him , take that pain away , and asked if I could pray for him , he said yes . The one thing that J.R. needed to hear was that he was special , that God loves him so very much , I said this as I prayed ( J.R. is a brother in Christ ) . The pain was told to go , complete restoration of his back was also prayed for . I have got to go to work so I will try to wrap this up . J.R. received 100 % relief from his pain and told me that he felt a chill go through his body .J. R.was asked to do something that he could not do before he was prayed for .He walked back and forth and was able to touch his toes, it was pretty amazing . I say these things to encourage each person to go out and do like wise because if God can use a knucklehead like me he will use you . Just go out and do it .
    Blessings Chuck

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